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News & Updates

The News & Updates section is the digital library that contains all the latest updates about Suzuki products/services as well Naseer Autos.
We provide the public with an opportunity to be in touch with the world of knowledge within the automobile space, while we embark on this wonderful journey alongside you!

Please make sure that you read through the description of the news and updates share on this page, including the dates and other specifics. For more information on any event, you may contact us at Ph: +92 304 1111337.


  • Please note that the news updates posted in this section consist of both official updates from PSMCL and from Naseer Autos.

  • You are requested to kindly take notice of the associated date in case of an announcement for an event.

  • Screenshots or crop outs of updates from this section will NOT be considered as invitations or tickets to exclusive events.

  • In case of offers, you are requested to confirm the specific details for the eligibility for these offers. You may contact us for confirmation.

  • If you are interested in the coverage for the event, you can go to the official forum and check out the events.

  • Follow us on our socials and YouTube if you haven't already!

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